Ducted Airconditioning Systems

Ducted Air Conditioning is the Perfect Multi-Room or Whole Home Air Conditioning System For You!

Gympie Airconditioning are Authrorised Specialists for installation of Mitsubishi Ducted Air Conditioning Systems.

Ducting for Ceiling Concealed Ducted Air Conditioning.Ceiling concealed ducted systems offer convenient and versatile solutions for air conditioning your home. With almost limitless installation possibilities Gympie Airconditioning can install the best olutiuon for you. Jeff Stolzenberg is a Mitsubishi Electric Authorised Specialistwho can select a unit that is capable of cooling and heating your whole home and custom design the duct work and installation to suit your specific needs.

Dusted air conditioning systems are concealed in the ceiling of your home and have many advanced features which maximise your comfort. Mitsubishi ducted air Conditioning features include:

  • Mitsubishi Compressor Unit for Ducted Air ConditioningLimitless installation possibilities
  • Hot start system - heating will always begin comfortably with warm air since the hot start system prevents cold air from being blown out at the start of heating and during defrosting.
  • Computerised dehumidification - maintains the set temperature whilst eliminating the effects of humidity.
  • Self Diagnostics - in the unlikely event of a malfunction, the system detects problems and advises the nature of the fault. This simplifies service should it be required.
  • Automatic cooling/heating change over operation for more comfort.
  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) wall mounted controller for convenient use.
  • Heating operation is guaranteed down to -8.5:C.
  • Cooling operation is guaranteed up to 43:C.

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Jeff Stolzenberg of Gympie Air Conditioning and Refrigeration is a Mitsubishi Electric Authorised Specialist - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.

Jeff Stolzenberg of
Gympie Air Conditioning
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Mitsubishi Electric
Authorised Specialist.

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